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Low Monthly payments
You can borrow up to £100,000.
Spread your payments out and make them more affordable. Repayment periods from 3-30 years.
Arrears, CCJ's or bad credit? No problem - All Accepted.
Borrow up to 90% of your home's value.
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If you are in the market for a loan, you should consider MoneySuperMarket loans. contains access to over 550 loans of various types, including car loans,  personal loans, consolidated loans, and secured loans. You are given the ability to compare the cheapest loans by APR. You can also filter loans based on your credit profile, which will increase your chances of being accepted for a loan.

Are you in the market for a home loan? This type of loan can be of great benefit to those who are trying to sort out their finances. Secured loans, such as homeowner loans, offer longer repayment terms and also higher loan amounts. In certain situations, a homeowner loan can be appropriate but consider your circumstances carefully. If you do not keep up to date on your mortgage repayments, your home could potentially be repossessed.

They have secured the lowest rate available in the UK for home owner loans. This is an exclusive deal for users. And remember, you are given the tools to find the best deal based on your particular credit score.

Are you considering a car loan? In order to finance your vehicle, a personal loan is a logical choice. You can compare over 400 personal loan products. You can filter your search based on the amount of the loan, length of time to repay the loan, and your residential status. For example, a car loan from Alliance & Leicester has an annual percentage rate of 7.7%. You can even apply for the loan online in around 10 minutes and receive a decision within one hour. Now that is convenient! For those with not so perfect credit, Credit Plus offers car loans for impaired credit for 17.9%. That is a good deal for individuals who could not otherwise qualify for a loan. 

Is a payday loan right for you? Well, it could be if you have short term financial problems that you need to handle. Payday loans will help you bridge the gap until your next pay check arrives. Maybe you are short on cash and need some financial help for a few days. In order to qualify for this type of loan, you need to be able to convince the lender that you will be able to repay the cash advance and also the amount you will be able to repay at specified intervals.  If you are not able to pay back the loan on the due date, many lenders will allow you to extend the due date by paying the interest only